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Number 1 is the Pangea Mortgage calculator – fast efficient and easy to use it provides an indicative monthly mortgage repayment for you. https://pangeamortgages.com/mortgage-calculator-ireland/.

Whilst the tool is great for getting a high level amount that you will have to pay each month there is more to a mortgage than just the repayment amount.

Lending rules for first time buyers are different than for switchers and for buy to let investors.

By contacting Pangea we will provide you with all the information to make the right decision for you

Number 2 is the CPCC tool https://www.ccpc.ie/consumers/money-tools/mortgage-calculator/. 

They provide impartial advice to consumers and also provide a very easy to use tool. It provides the key information that you will need. There is also a mortgage advice section on the website which is very useful for first time buyers

Number 3 is bonkers.ie – a little more complex with more variables but it gives you an idea not only of price but also who the lenders are. It includes things like BER ratings which can impact on the price you pay.

It also allows you to differentiate by buyer type, so first time buyer, trader upper, switcher or investor.

Great detail but some people can find the inputs a little too much – if this is the case contact Pangea Mortgages and we will help !

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