Pangea Are The Experts In Providing Advice on High Value Mortgages.

What exactly is a high value mortgage ? This is a mortgage with most lenders that is more than €250,000. These loans are more profitable for the lenders so some offer better rates to customers as a result. But they can be hard to find, have complicated terms and conditions and can be difficult to compare to standard Bank mortgages.
Thats where using Pangea Mortgages High value mortgage service comes in. We will provide you with a 1 to 1 consultation to understand your mortgage needs and assess if a high value mortgage would be suitable for you. We will then show you the best rates available in the market.
High Value Mortgages
Our concierge service will take you through every step of the mortgage process, from gathering documents, negotiating with Estate Agents, finding valuer, surveyors and solicitors all the way to moving into your property. Its fully digital and easy to use. But it’s not just for new customers. If you already have a mortgage with any lender and the balance is more than €250,000 you may qualify for a high value mortgage. With so many people on fixed terms that have less than 18 months left, or worse,  tracker mortgages, there are significant savings to be made by switching to a high value mortgage. 
We have economic experts in our team that would be happy to discuss the property, banking or finance markets with you to help make the best long term decision for you and your family.
To learn more about how our high value concierge service can benefit you please click here or contact us on the number below 

Steven McGuire
If you are considering applying for a mortgage, I couldn’t recommend Pangea mortgages enough. John was so helpful, patient and thorough every step of the way through the process. He is always easy to contact and communication was excellent. It is by no means an easy undertaking, and I am certain without John’s help we would not be living in our new house today. We will be back for the switch when the time comes!
Barry Larkin
I am currently doing a bit of research and hoping to apply for a mortgage in the next year or so. I gave John a call on a Saturday evening as I had a few questions i needed to clear up. He was extremely helpful and very efficient in answering my queries. I’ve gotten a much better idea now of the process and requirements for my application. John was a great help, I would recommend this company to anyone looking for some advice or help with their mortgage applications.
John was very quick to respond when I sent a query through the website.
Neil Anthony Murphy
Spoke with John and he gave me great insight as to what would be expected and the process of getting a mortgage along with rough estimates on what buying power I would have, I would highly recommend
Al McCauley
Knowledgeable. Explained things very clearly.
Sarah McHugh
Excellent service 👏 thanks
Gerry Maher
Many thanks to John for helping us to switch mortgages. He made the whole process very manageable .We simply wouldn’t have gotten through the process if it wasn’t for his excellent customer service skills and in depth knowledge of finance. Looking at what has just happened to interest rates we feel so grateful to now be locked in to a fixed long term mortgage on a lower rate than we were on with our previous bank.
Laura Leahy
Easy to contact and a great informative and speedy service. Would highly recommend and use again.
Had a particularly tough mortgage application and 6 month purchase time frame, but John guided me and helped through the entire time. Can’t recommend enough, professional and patient! Thanks again John