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Our Mortgage Calculator Ireland lets you examine the best mortgage rates available from all lenders we work with. You can compare and calculate different mortgage rates, over different time periods.

The calculator can be utilized to access how much you can borrow, how much you will need for your deposit, and how much you can save by refinancing or switching mortgages. Talk to us on a web chat, over the phone or book an appointment with us.

Get mortgage approval in principle and starting searching for your dream home. We will assign you a dedicated financial advisor that will help with all your needs. So whether you are a first-time buyer or mortgage switcher, you’ll benefit from using our Mortgage Calculator Ireland tool.

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  • How much income do I need for a 200k mortgage?

    €57k ! We calculate this by dividing 200k by 3.5x (the lending multiple of your income)

    So as a single of joint applicant you need at least €57k. The repayments on this can be found with our good friend the online mortgage calculator. Once you enter the amount (€200k) and say the term is 30 years you will get the monthly repayment of €775. If you want a mortgage interest rate calculator, this will show you how much interest you pay to the Banks on this €200k – we are happy to provide you with that.

  • Can I get a mortgage on low income?

    Yes, you can !

    Mortgages are not just for those people on high incomes, a wide range of people can be approved for a mortgage at varying degrees of income. The first thing you would need to do is make use of the Pangea mortgage calculator Ireland on our website. This is an online mortgage calculator that will help you to understand how much you can borrow and also how much your repayments will be. You will need to enter the amount of money you are looking to borrow and the length of time – this will then provide the total repayment amount.

    We are often asked by customer if it is possible to split this into the capital and interest amounts. Sometimes it seems that you are only paying interest at the start of the mortgage and we can explain how this works.

    We do have a mortgage interest calculator and a mortgage payment calculator that will let you see this split. Contact us directly to learn more. We will help you calculate mortgage payments specifically for your circumstances.

    Then we need to consider if you can afford this mortgage amount. The current lending limits are that you can borrow 3.5x your combined (if applying with a partner) gross salary. This is your salary before tax. There are certain circumstances when you can borrow more than 3.5x – and this can really help people on low incomes to borrow sufficient money to buy the property they want.

    So contact us to learn more – or use the mortgage calculator Ireland on our website.

  • Calculate Mortgage Payment – how do I do this ?

    The specifics as to how you split out the capital and the interest section of your mortgage is a complicated formula used by the Banks. Essentially in order to keep the repayment amount the same each month over say 30 years there is a low amount of capital charged at the beginning of your mortgage. After a few years when you have paid down some of the mortgage your mortgage outstanding will begin to reduce much faster. This is because in the second half of your mortgage you are paying off more capital then interest. Confused?

    You should be ! Its our job to understand this – then we make our online mortgage calculator and mortgage interest rate calculator available for free to you! You just type in the numbers and – boom – the numbers appear. You will find the unique Pangea mortgage calculator Ireland the best way to help calculate mortgage payment per month and per year. The key item to be concerned about is if you can afford the monthly mortgage repayments from your current salary and day to day spending . If you have a house you like, say you are a first time buyer, if its for example €300k then you need a €30k deposit – that will mean you need to borrow €270k. Pop that amount into the Pangea mortgage calculator Ireland and this will give you a monthly repayment amount.

    You then need to see if you added this to your current expenses every month, where would you be? You can take out your current rental payments for this mortgage calculation. Do you still have a positive balance in your Bank account? If so, contact Pangea Mortgages – 0858600728

  • Can I get a mortgage 5 times my salary?

    The Central Bank of Ireland sets the rules on how much a person can borrow in relation to their salary. This is currently set at 3.5x times. However there are certain “exemptions” that are available where you can go above this. The Banks will assess each application on a case by case basis. If you are looking for an exemption you will need to have your finances in excellent condition. We can help with this work. You should be showing strong surplus income each month – that is your income less ongoing monthly costs. Your savings and current account balance should be increasing every month consistently for the last 6 months. No going overdrawn or having off months. If you want to get an idea for how much you should be saving each month – go to the Pangea mortgage calculator Ireland, enter the amount you want to borrow and you need to be saving each month that amount or more. This will prove to the Banks you could repay that mortgage amount. The Banks when assessing your application will use on online mortgage calculator (probably the Pangea mortgage calculator Ireland 😊) and will be looking at the same data you can see on Pangea.

    It is difficult to borrow more than 3.5x and you should definitely speak with one of our super friendly advisors to find out more.


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