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Why Switching Mortgage is a good idea?

There are over 300,000 people on a Tracker or a variable mortgage – if thats you then you need to take action NOW. Our in-house economic expert is advising mortgage rates will be over 5% during 2023 – this will mean a major increase for those on non fixed rates. You need to double check your mortgage rate and product to make sure you dont get caught out. 
There is also a huge number of people who have fixed their mortgage since 2019 when interest rates were much lower than today and they will get a huge shock when that fixed period ends and their not so nice bank puts them on much higher interest rates. It could cost thousands of euro PER YEAR! You should find out exactly when your fixed rare ends and contact Pangea Mortgages to see how much money we can save you Vs your existing Bank.
The process is now easy, digital and fast. Fill out the form below to see how much you can save. 
To get started, fill out the form below we will handle all the paperwork for you and tell you how much you can save today. 

Stop overpaying for your Mortgage

Are you overpaying for your mortgage …..

If so you could be paying significantly more for your mortgage than you need to. There are new mortgage broker-only providers in the market that in some cases are offering rates significantly below the pillar banks. 

They also provide fixed rate mortgages upto 30 years!! A great way to protect against the impact of rising inflation and rates. 

Switch Mortgage

Learn how you can save on your monthly mortgage repayments.

Switch your mortgage and start saving on your monthly payments!

Switching mortgage is helping Irish people reduce their monthly loan repayments and putting thousands of euro back in their pocket every year! 

Great Rates

Our brokers evaluate your current situation and work with industry leading lenders to get you a great rate.

Fast & Easy

We make the whole process stress-free & easy with our advanced digital process that allows you to easy manage everything.

Great Savings

We may provide significant savings on your mortgage payments. Switch mortgage now to start saving. Call now.

Get The Best Switcher Mortgage

Get a mortgage with the best rates in three simple steps.

With interest rates now rising quickly now is the time to speak to Pangea Mortgages. If you are on a variable, tracker or your fixed rate is up in the next 12 months speak to us now. One hour of your time could give you thousands back in your pocket – it did for one of our customers!

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Calculate mortgage cost and get a low mortgage rate

Calculate Mortgage Cost

Calculate mortgage cost and get a low mortgage rate

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We are happy to help with any question you have no matter how small or trivial – we are here to help you ! Get a new quote today and see how much you can save on your monthly payment.

Killian Costelloe
Killian Costelloe
Just had a chat with John Fahy this morning. Extremely helpful and explained everything very clearly to me. Thanks for all your help.
David Sullivan
David Sullivan
We wanted to move from a tracker to a fixed rate mortgage and from the start John was extremely helpful and provided sound advice. He even supported us in areas nor related to the switch like arranging an appointment with a valuation agency. In the end, in a fast moving market, we believe we got the best deal it was possible to get.
Seshu Tirupathi
Seshu Tirupathi
John was extremely professional and clear about all the steps in purchasing a home in Ireland. He was always accommodating with all our requests and transparent about how things are moving along in the application process. I would highly recommend his services if looking to buy a house, especially first-time buyers.
joice dondo
joice dondo
Very helpful information I got from here , sound advice in a professional manner
Kevin Burrowes
Kevin Burrowes
I wouldn’t have been able to get through the mortgage processes without John, knows exactly what he is doing and should be charging more for his service. I would fully endorse his services for anyone who requires them.
Fiona Britton
Fiona Britton
John was excellent to deal with, timely, efficient and helped us secure a mortgage with an excellent rate, we are in our home because of him !
slavisa miskovic
slavisa miskovic
Quick response, definitely will ring them back