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Mortgage rates in Ireland have fallen significantly in the last 3 years, with savings of over €1,000 per year now common for those who took out a mortgage in 2018 or before. 
The process is now easy, digital and fast. Fill out the form below to see how much you can save. 
Mortgage rates in Ireland are now available from 1.95% , that means if you have a mortgage of €300k paying 3% or more that you are paying an extra ~€160 every single month that you don’t have to STOP NOW !!
To get started, fill out the form below we will handle all the paperwork for you and tell you how much you can save today. 

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Are you with EBS, Bank of Ireland, or PTSB?

If so you could be paying significantly more for your mortgage than you need to. There are new mortgage broker-only providers in the market that in some cases are offering rates significantly below the pillar banks. 

They also provide fixed rate mortgages upto 30 years!! A great way to protect against the impact of rising inflation and rates. 

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Literally save thousands with our service.

I used Pangea Mortgages to get an equity release from my house, I managed to get the extra funds that I needed and it actually lowered by monthly repayments thanks to the great rate they got me !

John, Meath (July 2021)

Mortgage Switcher
John, Meath (July 2021)

We are self employed and had difficulty with all the paper work with our existing lender. Pangea Mortgage Brokers in Dublin were able to guide us through each step of the journey and help us get the dream house we always wanted

Sushel, Dublin (March 2019)

Self Employed
Sushel, Dublin (March 2019)

I was very unsure what was going to happen in the property market, but after speaking with Pangea Mortgages they were able to provide me expert advice that was invaluable in making my decision to buy.

James, Dublin (May 2021)

Trading up
James, Dublin (May 2021)

Switch your mortgage and start saving on your monthly payments!

Switching mortgage is helping Irish people reduce their monthly loan repayments and putting thousands of euro back in their pocket every year! 

Great Rates

Our brokers asses your current situation and work with industry leading lenders to get you a great rate.

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We make the whole process stress-free & easy with our advanced digital process that allows you to easy manage everything.

Great Savings

We provide significant savings on your mortgage payments. On average we save our customers up to €65,000 on their mortgage.

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Get a mortgage with the best rates in three simple steps.

Regardless of your credit score, you can get a better-than-expected rate and save on your monthly payment with Mortgage Switcher. One hour of your time could give you thousands back in your pocket!

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