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The main problem that customers face when looking for a mortgage is a lack of knowledge of what products are available and how to go about getting them. Too many first time buyers who have their day to day banking with either AIB or BOI will simply go to them and get the mortgage from those Banks.

Unfortunately, those Banks will not tell you if you could be getting a much better rate elsewhere. 

A mortgage advisor can look at all the mortgages available across multiple lenders ensuring that you as either a first time buyer, switcher or buy to let investor get the very best rate. They compare the Banks offerings to find the one that’s best for you. 

They will know how to get the most for your individual circumstances – say you are a first time buyer working in the public sector, some lenders for example will take a higher income than currently being paid into consideration – this can result in a materially higher mortgage being provided.

If you are looking to switch your mortgage, there are currently a number of incentives from non-Bank lenders such as Avant and Finance Ireland where they will provide a cash contribution to you.

Our mortgage advisor team will be able to tell you what offers are now available – contact us now to find out more.

At Pangea Mortgages our mortgage advisors have access to an online mortgage calculator that will show you how much you will be paying monthly on your mortgage – if you are looking to switch mortgage, we will be able to compare the monthly repayments on your current mortgage vs the best available for you in the market. 

Many customers struggle with the jargon that’s involved with getting a mortgage. If you are a first time buyer, the entire process can be very overwhelming. Our mortgage advisors can guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

This will include dealing with Estate Agents, finding a solicitor and getting your insurances in place.

Speak to us now to learn more

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